Employee Spotlight: Beth Dziedzic, Marketing Manager

Can you describe your role at FCI?

I am the Marketing Manager at Fertility Centers of Illinois. I work on all aspects of promotion of our practice, both internally and externally. I have input in the presentation of Fertility Centers of Illinois to the public, by working on our advertising, creation and distribution of collateral materials, distribution of promotional items, event planning, our Patient Education Program, and supervision of the creation of packets for our various departments. Marketing has its hand in many initiatives within the company, so we cross into other departments at times.   

How long have you been with FCI?

I started in September of 2003 as Marketing Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the Marketing Director. I have been here for over 13 years now and can’t imagine working anywhere else.

What made you decide to work in fertility?

Initially, I was looking for a job that was in a medical environment. I’d worked in marketing before in other industries and liked the idea of a job in a service industry. I like being behind the spotlight and I truly enjoy the creative side of marketing. It was a great transition from an administrative position in a health club environment to a marketing position at a specialty medical practice. I wanted to work in an industry that would provide important services for patients and be a part of a team that did something good for people in general. My personal experience gives me a lot of empathy for our patients. I have several family members who struggled with infertility and miscarriage, so I know the pain these kinds of losses cause, not only for a woman and her partner, but also for their whole family. It is very significant.

What do you love about your role?

I love the diversity of my role here at Fertility Centers of Illinois. I learn new things every day, such as web development, social media and its effect on our practice, how the printing of materials happens from design to production, and many other valuable skills. I’ve always had this need to learn and I find that need is fulfilled by the diversity of my job. What could be better than working with a team of people who are passionate about helping our patients on their journey to parenthood? Our success and their success are one and the same. I am driven by finding ways to help more patients find the treatment options and education they need to become parents.  

What is your proudest moment at FCI?

So many of them over the years, but most recently, the day we rolled out our new website. It was a long project with a strong business development team involvement and input. When it finally came to fruition, it was so exciting. The look and feel is fresh and new. The website projects an image of who we are that sends a clear message about our practice, gives the user a sense of what we offer them, and shows a side of Fertility Centers of Illinois that was never clearly exhibited before. We enhance our patients' initial experience by giving them concise information about what we have to offer.

You see everyone go through the ups and downs. How do you support patients?

I don’t typically have a lot of one on one experience with our patients. As I said, I am behind the scenes usually. I believe that being supportive and having empathy for what our patients go through, helping to present information to them in a dignified way, being caring about how we communicate, and educating the community about infertility is an important way I support our patients before and during their time with us.   

What is a quote that inspires you?

[pull_quote layout="0" quote="Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -Vicki Corona"]

I’ve always loved this quote. It inspires me because it reminds me of a moment I experienced observing an embryo transfer the first week I started here. There was this tiny flash of light that happened when the embryo was released. It made me take in my breath in surprise! The sheer beauty of that event gave me a moment of clarity - what we are doing here is giving a “miracle” an opportunity to happen. It was that moment that I carry in my heart each day when I come to work. It’s a mission to help patients become parents, more than just a job that keeps me coming back.