Employee Spotlight: Frank Newmyer

Why do you like working here?

Helping our patients has made me very grateful to be a part of things here at Fertility Centers of Illinois. I’ve had the opportunity to meet SO MANY new people, who come through our doors from all walks of life!

Plus, I believe that we have a great group of employees; I’ve gotten the privilege of working side by side with so many cool people on staff here in our clinic.

Do you have a favorite patient story?

It is too difficult to point out any one story, but I will say that I’m always impressed how people persevere to achieve their personal goals. This is especially moving considering the incredible amount of work it takes to complete a single treatment cycle.

Sometimes I receive ‘thank yous’ from patients. It is a deeply rewarding feeling to learn how some of my simplest efforts positively impact a patient. It’s so wonderful when they tell me that they “will never forget” something I did for them.

It is incredible to be a part of their successes, even if that’s just being a source of encouragement and support. It is so important to our patients who may feel isolated, confused, or extremely frustrated. I really do want to see people accomplish all that they have set out to do with us.

Tell us something we don’t know about you:

I was raised in an artist’s studio; my dad is an international wildlife sculptor, and for decades I’ve built my own large portfolio of modern/contemporary fine art, that I work on at my home studio on weeknights and on weekends.

I am most excited about the way that art transports you to another place and time. My passions are geometrics and abstraction in mixed media on paper, richly detailed portraits in ink, and large-scale oil paintings that focus on classical themes of man and nature.

I keep a small image at my desk of a 6-foot high by 15-foot wide mural of a Hawaiian valley I once hiked. During that time I painted full-time for six months. A tropical location will always make me happy!

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