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Ovulatory Disorders

Dr. Rodgers joins the Beat Infertility podcast to discuss everything you should know about ovulatory disorders when trying to conceive:

  1. Can you define the four main types of ovulatory disorders and their causes?
  2. How is anovulation diagnosed and treated?
  3. What is PCOS and what are common symptoms?
  4. How is PCOS diagnosed and treated?
  5. What is hypothalamic amenorrhea, and what are some common causes?
  6. How is hypothalamic amenorrhea diagnosed and treated?
  7. What secondary issues can ovulatory disorders cause?
  8. Are there other ovulatory disorders or diagnostic tests we should discuss?
  9. What words of hope can you offer to women with ovulatory disorders?

The positive news to keep in mind is that ovulatory disorders are usually easy to diagnose and easy to treat.

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