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How to Negotiate ART Care

Many individuals and couples have been on quite a journey before walking through the doors of a fertility center. Some have tried for a baby without success and even endured the pain of miscarriage.

Fertility treatment teaches you about your body, may find medical diagnoses you didn’t even know you had, and places you in an emotional place you never thought you would be.

With so much new information all at once, it is easy for patients to feel overwhelmed. But there is an important question all patients should be prepared to answer: How do I advocate for the best care?

Answering this question starts with collecting information and research before making a doctor appointment. It’s also important to ask a physician the right questions to ensure you have found the best fit for you.

To learn more about my advice on negotiating ART care (assisted reproductive technology) read a recent article on Parents.com: 5 Ways to Negotiate ART Care With Your Specialist

I wish you well on your path to parenthood!

Dr. Jane M. Nani