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Why I Love Going to Support Group

No one else "gets it" like the people I've met in the FCI support group. I have friends and family that love me and want so much for me to be a mom which is great. But none of them have experienced infertility at all. They simply don't get it. The fear and anxiety and isolation and loss of control is extremely hard to verbalize. Much like a cancer diagnosis, if you haven't experienced it, you can't truly understand it.

I like that the FCI support group is an open forum. If I share my thoughts or feelings, another girl in the group can in turn share her thoughts or a similar experience she's had, or even make a suggestion. It's really amazing to hear other people’s feedback and ideas. What worked for them and what didn't work for them. It's really empowering to gain information from other women and ask my doctor about it.

The support group has also brought some amazing women into my life. We all met in the FCI support group, though we might not all go to FCI as patients. At each support group meeting we invite anyone that's interested to join us to join the text chain and or to join us for brunch! We meet up once a month for either brunch or dinner in the city. And us ladies on the text chain literally talk every single day. Sometimes it's just to complain that we just got hit with yet another pregnancy announcement and we are struggling. Or to give an update on our monitoring appointment, or just to share a new article we found regarding PGS. But we talk every single day!

-Support Group Member