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Podcast: How to Boost Fertility Naturally

On the Time to Talk Fertility Podcast by Fertility Centers of Illinois, we explore natural methods to increase fertility in men and women as well as common health choices that hinder reproductive potential.

Boosting fertility naturally involves making healthy lifestyle choices around nutrition, exercise, and weight. It also requires cutting out smoking, vaping, and cannabis and cutting back on alcohol and caffeine. While it may seem overwhelming to tackle all of these health goals, the trick is to take on what you can handle and build from there.

The most promising part is that making some or all these changes can bring a quick turnaround in your fertility. Regardless of diagnosis, your treatments will also have a higher chance of success. Even better, we can promise that you’ll feel great too.

Join us as Dr. Allison Rodgers, a reproductive endocrinologist at Fertility Centers of Illinois, discusses simple fertility-boosting tips that also improve overall health.

The Time to Talk Fertility: How to Boost Fertility Naturally episode covers questions such as:

  • How does what you eat impact your fertility?
  • Is there an ideal diet or nutritional guidelines to follow?
  • Is it true that there are fertility-boosting foods?
  • How does extra weight impact fertility in men and women?
  • What is a Body Mass Index and what does it assess?
  • How does stress affect fertility and what can I do?
  • What is a fertility-friendly amount of exercise?
  • Are there fertility-friendly exercise choices? What should I avoid?
  • How does alcohol affect fertility in men and women? What is considered safe?
  • How does caffeine affect fertility?
  • How does smoking or vaping affect fertility?
  • Is cannabis or CBD safe?
  • Should we be taking supplements?
  • What are some signs that the healthy changes are working?

The Time to Talk Fertility Podcast releases new episodes monthly and is available on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Tune In, Google Play and Spotify.

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