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The Steps We Are Taking for Your Safety

At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we are taking several steps to ensure your safety during each visit. Our team developed these steps in accordance with all CDC guidelines. We’d like to bring you through what an appointment will look like while including each of the precautionary measures we have implemented at all of our facilities.

Step 1: Car check-in for appointment

When you arrive at the parking lot, call the office number to alert them to your arrival. Please arrive alone and wear a mask. Patients without a mask will need to reschedule. Additional guests, including partners/spouses, are unable to join patients for appointments to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff. They are welcome to wait in the car and you are invited to use your cell phone for a portion of the visit if you’d like them to join virtually. You can come into the office to sit in our socially distanced waiting room.

Step 2: Screening prior to appointment

You will undergo a short screening process that includes filling out a brief questionnaire, having your temperature checked with a touchless thermometer, and in some cases, taking a Covid-19 test. Each of our staff members also undergoes screening each day to ensure your safety. Any patients who do not pass will need to reschedule their appointment after symptoms subside.

Step 3: Private appointment room

Next, you can go to a private room where your appointment will take place to ensure appropriate physical distancing. The room and equipment are disinfected after each appointment or procedure to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Step 4: Meet with our staff

All staff will wear masks to ensure the safety of our guests and the team. We have also developed standard operating procedures with all staff members to ensure the same precautionary processes are followed at each center.

Step 5: Quick checkout, remote scheduling

Once your appointment is complete, you can stop at the checkout desk if needed. Additional appointments can be booked via phone to ensure that no crowding occurs in the office. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the office for your use and comfort.

Read the CDC Requirements we are following.