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Why Mini IVF with INVOcell over Traditional IVF?

We are now offering INVOcell, a new and innovative Mini IVF procedure with the same success rates as IVF at half the cost. The INVOcell Vaginal Incubation System is FDA-approved and provides several unique benefits as an IVF alternative.

The INVOcell procedure can be complete in three simple steps:

Step One: After completing mild ovarian stimulation through prescribed medication, eggs are retrieved while a patient is under light conscious sedation. During this same time, the sperm is prepared.

Step Two: Eggs and sperm are combined and placed in a small medical grade plastic device known as an INVOcell. Once closed and locked, the INVOcell is placed inside the vagina for three to five days to allow in vivo fertilization and incubation while embryos develop.

Step Three: Once vaginal incubation is complete, the INVOcell is removed. The healthiest developing embryo(s) is selected for immediate same-day transfer to the uterus where it can implant in the uterine wall, allowing pregnancy to occur. The remaining embryos are frozen for future use.

How INVOcell differs from IVF:

1. Natural Conception - INVOcell allows sperm and eggs to fertilize in vivo inside the female body. This option provides a psychological benefit and alternative that may better suit a patient’s religious or ethical beliefs.

2. Fewer Appointments - Due to milder stimulation, fewer ultrasound monitoring and physician appointments are required.

3. Less Medication - Stimulation protocols are reduced in an INVOcell cycle, requiring less medication for a patient. This reduced medication load results in fewer injections and a lower medication cost.

4. Half the Cost - Due to fewer appointments, reduced laboratory involvement and less medication, the cost of INVOcell is half the cost of a traditional IVF cycle.

5. Reduces Cryopreservation Needs - Milder stimulation results in fewer retrieved eggs, reducing the number of resulting embryos and cryopreservation costs required.

6. Alternative for Same Sex Couples - For same sex couples that would like to be a part of the conception and treatment process together, INVOcell an option for both partners to be involved.

Candidates for INVOcell:

Ideal patient candidates for the INVOcell procedure are couples with a woman age 37 or less and an AMH of at least 1.0, and a male partner with no infertility diagnosis. Patients who have not experienced success conceiving through intrauterine insemination (IUI) are ideal candidates for the INVOcell Procedure.

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