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Why We Can't Live Without Our Fertility Nurses

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child - our fertility nurses know that it can also take a village to have a child too.

It’s safe to say that during treatment, your fertility nurse will become your closest confidante. You will spend more time with your nurse than any other team member.

Our team of dedicated nurses take on a role that goes far beyond providing medical care. They listen, comfort, teach, explain, and reassure patients during each challenge and victory. They take a call or respond to a text after hours. They stay late until the job is done. They are sad when disappointing news comes; and they celebrate with a big fat positive test result.

Passionate cheerleaders and unwavering patient advocates, our fertility nurses are with every patient each step of the way.

To honor the unparalleled care and commitment our nurses provide during this year’s Nurses Week, we asked our team at Fertility Centers of Illinois and our patients why our nurses are loved so very much.

Patient Laura:

How calm and reassuring they are in our moments of worry... even if they've answered my question 10 times!"

Dr. Meike Uhler:

"Our nurses are the best! They are compassionate, mature professionals who are devoted to taking the best care of each patient. They are kind, patient and work hard to help each patient in their journey to building a family. It is my privilege and pleasure to work with each of the nurses at FCI. Thank you!"


Dr. Ed Marut:

"I love our nurses because they are on top of everything and they form a team with me to provide excellent, compassionate care for our patients."


Patient Brittany:

"Our nurse was ALWAYS there to listen and offer advice. Sometimes, your fertility nurse is the only other person that knows your struggle other than your spouse - it's a great outlet."


Dr. Jane Nani:

"Our nurses offer patients their individual attention and listen carefully to their needs. They have lots of experience in patient care and it shows. They are considerate of patients' feelings and need for privacy. In this way, they make a real connection with our patients."


Patient Amada:

"Everything!! They are amazing!!"


Dr. Christopher Sipe:

"Nurses are the life force of medicine. They are with patients every day, practically every hour whether it’s in person, by email, or by text. They share the heartache and absolute joy of our couples’ journey. They lift up the patients' spirits when down and calm the looming anxiety through difficult times. Nurses truly are the life blood of any medical practice and neither patients nor physicians can make it through without you. I am blessed to work with so many caring, passionate and strong individuals. Thanks for all you do. You help keep our drive alive."


Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron:

"I love my nurses because of how they go the extra mile: Staying after hours to hand deliver donated medication. Meeting a patient at a halfway point so they don’t have to drive so far to get donated meds. Emailing people back within 3 minutes flat! Expressing true sympathy. Getting to know not only the patient but the person. Being a true advocate. There are so many more reasons. It is a true honor to work with our nursing team!"


Dr. Allison Rodgers:

"Our nurses are so incredibly important to our team. They work so hard and are so detail-oriented to help our patients be successful. They are the cheerleaders and the coaches for our patients. On a daily basis they go out of their way to help our patients. Above and beyond to help them succeed. I couldn’t do what I do without my amazing team there to help me. It really makes all the difference in the world! I adore each of them and love working with them. Thank you for all of your hard work!"


Dr. John Rapisarda:

"Our nurses are the backbone of our practice as they work hand in hand with the physicians in caring for our patients. They guide, counsel, and comfort our patients as they move through their journey with infertility on the way to parenthood. We couldn’t do what we do without them at our side."


There are 4.1 million nurses in the U.S. and we think ours are the best! We couldn’t get through each day without you. Thank you for all that you do!