When things get hard, that’s when miracles happen

Why do you want to share your story?

I want to share our story to give others hope.

How would you describe your experience with your physician?

I felt comfortable with Dr. Hirshfeld-Cytron at our first meeting. Dr. Hirshfeld was straightforward but compassionate. She walked us through every test and procedure in a clear and concise manner. Every doctor we had for retrievals/transfers was pleasant and professional. 

What helped you get through treatment?

My supportive husband who gave me every shot and acupuncture. 

Do you have any words of wisdom for others?

Don’t give up when it gets hard. Sometimes that is when the greatest miracles happen! Share what and when you want. You are not alone and this community is amazing! 

Tell us about your little miracle!

We have two! Two beautiful, sweet boys: Rowan who is 3 and Wyatt who is 4 months! Rowan is a ball of energy that looks just like daddy and Wyatt is chill and looks just like mommy! Thank you for our family! 

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