Double the joy: having twins with donor egg

Like most new parents, Michelle and her husband, Michael, were overwhelmed with joy when their twins were born. The infants’ arrival was even more special in light of the difficult journey that the couple had taken to build their family.

When the pair had met on, they knew quickly that they were right for each other and married six months later. When they decided to try and start a family, Michael was traveling a lot. They were so eager to have children that he would change his travel plans and come home early when Michelle called to say that she was ovulating.

Michelle was thrilled when she quickly got pregnant, then devastated when she had a miscarriage. Six months later, she got pregnant again. The couple was heartbroken when she miscarried again at 12 weeks.

Michelle’s OB referred her to Dr. Brian Kaplan at Fertility Centers of Illinois. After discussing their options with Dr. Kaplan, they decided to try in vitro fertilization (IVF). When it came time to retrieve eggs from Michelle, they were only able to retrieve five eggs. Only one egg matured, then died a day later.

Determined not to give up, the couple met with Dr. Kaplan the next month.

“What’s our next option?” Michelle asked. “I am 36 and I want to have a baby.” She had too many friends that had done IVF too many times without any results, and didn’t want to get stuck in that cycle.

Dr. Kaplan suggested another round of IVF, but Michelle was determined to move ahead with something different. He then suggested they try donor eggs. After considering the idea, the couple decided to try it.

They chose a donor, who then had a successful cycle and retrieved 30 eggs. After fertilizing the eggs with Michael’s sperm, two embryos were transferred to Michelle on a five-day transfer.

The couple was overjoyed to learn they were pregnant with twins. Michelle was able to carry them to term, and delivered a beautiful baby boy and girl.  She named them Michael, after his father, and Poppy, after a fertile type of flower.

“Using donor eggs was such an amazing solution,” says Michelle.

“Sitting here holding my two sweet babies, I am so thankful for the people who helped make it happen. Between the Center for Egg  Options, Dr. Kaplan, Dr. Julie Levitt at Northwestern Women’s Group (my OB) and nurse Tammy Bono, I had a dream team!”

“Hilary Clinton once said that ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’” says Michelle, “but sometimes it takes one to make one. I am forever eternally grateful.”

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