Jenna Bruchauser and Jenna Sarna share their incredible journey to motherhood through reciprocal IVF on the Today Show.
How Sharing My Story Helped Me Through IVF

Jenna B. and Jenna S. met at the Chicago Pride Parade in 2011 and said, “I do,” in 2015. The newlyweds knew they wanted to grow their family, and not long after getting married they started their journey with reciprocal IVF, meaning each partner carried the embryo of the other partner.

“It was very important because then the baby could be a part of me and a part of her any way it could be,” Jenna S shared.

They came to Fertility Centers of Illinois, a trusted leader in LGBTQ+ family building for more than 20 years to grow their family.

“The funny part was how I met them. On the day of their egg retrieval, their rooms were across from each other and they have the same name,” recalled Dr. Ahmad.

After three failed attempts and one miscarriage, the couple was concerned that their dream of having a family wouldn’t come true. However, they found ways to keep their spirits high, especially with daily rituals when taking fertility medication.

Despite the ups and downs, their journey had a happy ending. In January 2021, Jenna B. gave birth to their first baby, their daughter Beau.

When asked if it was all worth it, the Jennas agreed, “Yes. Absolutely.” Jenna B. shared, “I thought it was an amazing journey. I felt a piece of her when I was going through it.” Jenna S. added, “Watching my baby grow inside of my wife was amazing.”

Jenna S. is now pregnant with their second baby due in the summer of 2023.