What made you want to become a gestational carrier?

At the beginning of my own parenting journey, knowing the heartbreak of infertility was entirely too familiar. I became a gestational carrier because someone I love and respect asked me to help them many years ago. I could see the longing and love in their eyes and felt honored and most humbled to carry their blessed child.

Why do you want to share your experiences with others?

It is important to share this beautiful experience with others because many families may feel alone in this journey and need to be reassured they are not. As an African American woman, one of the first realties that stood out was there were not many families in this infertility process that looked like me. Families of all flavors and backgrounds need to feel a part and live the beauty of parenthood. Opening up about my fertility struggles and wanting to help others as a gestational carrier has allowed me to learn about so many inspiring infertility journeys that are normally kept secret. Sharing in the success and struggles of others during this process offers encouragement, hope, and strength. The beauty is that this challenge makes for a stronger family bond.

What is it like to be a gestational carrier?

To be a gestational carrier has been such a life transforming experience. My mind and heart has opened to a whole new level of love and sacrifice I had no idea existed. There have been many lovely Angels I’ve met during the process. There are many stories and backgrounds you will only be privy to once you’ve made the heartfelt decision to be a gestational carrier. The love and admiration I’ve received has kept my heart full and joyful this entire journey.

Can you describe the relationship you form with the intended parents?

The intended parents and I began our relationship as comrades in the military over 20 years ago. It did not start anywhere near carrying a baby for them but after many years of friendship and feeling as close as family, we are showing our love in a special and untouchable way.

How often do you see intended parents?

We have seen each other weekly through different forms of social media and phone communication. In person, we have been blessed to see each other about once per month

How has helping others changed how you view infertility?

Before I became a parent, I struggled with infertility. It was such a painful time in my life but through much prayer and encouragement, God blessed me to bear five healthy and beautiful babies. It has definitely been a family affair and I appreciate the love, support, and understanding of my wonderful husband as well as my children every step of the way.

As a gestational carrier, this is (in a way) our opportunity to give back for being blessed so abundantly.

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