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Don’t be afraid to take the first step, it will be worth it.

Patient Q&A with Julaine

Why do you want to share your story?
To encourage others to take the next steps in their fertility journey

What led you to Fertility Centers of Illinois and why did you trust us?
Reviews and locations

What was the infertility diagnosis?
Low ovarian reserve

Which Fertility Centers of Illinois physician(s) treated you?
Dr. John J. Rapisarda

How would you describe your experience with your physician(s)?
Great from start to finish

What infertility treatment(s) did you undergo?
Egg retrieval. We only got 4 eggs, two of which got to day five embryos in October 2019. We did a frozen transfer in March of 2020 and were one of the few patients that got to continue their cycle during Covid because we had already started before everything shut down. We transferred on March 26th and it was successful. Our baby girl was born Dec 2nd.

What helped you through treatment physically and/or emotionally?
Staying positive and hopeful.

Do you have any words of wisdom for others?
As difficult and isolating as the journey can be, just know at the end of it will be your beautiful baby. Even if it takes longer than anticipated it will all be worth it.

Tell us about your little miracle!
Jolie is 3 months old and we are obsessed with her and her beautiful personality. We couldn’t have done it without Dr. Rapisarda and the team!