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Don't Wait. It's Worth It!

Patient Q&A with Roxann

Why do you want to share your story?

Fertility Centers of Illinois gave us hope and helped us to have another baby when we were hopeless in our struggle with miscarriages.

What led you to Fertility Centers of Illinois and why did you trust us?

My OBGYN referred me.

What was the infertility diagnosis?

Undiagnosed recurrent miscarriages. But, Dr. Hobeika gave me a plan for taking Progesterone during my next pregnancy.

Which Fertility Centers of Illinois physician(s) treated you?

Dr. Elie L. Hobeika

How would you describe your experience with your physician(s)?

I only saw Dr. Hobeika but he was great. Very understanding and helped me explore all the options of having another baby and preventing further miscarriages.

What infertility treatment(s) did you undergo?

Progesterone Supplements

What helped you through treatment physically and/or emotionally?

Dr. Hobeika being very knowledgeable about miscarriages and very understanding of us and our struggle. Also, the nurses, office attendants, and phlebotomists were all very friendly, understanding, and encouraging.

Do you have any words of wisdom for others?

Don't wait any longer to get help with your infertility struggles. Getting help costs less than you think, your insurance will probably cover most of it, and it could really help you in your journey to parenthood!

Tell us about your little miracle!

Right now 6 months pregnant with our baby!