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It's never too late to start your journey

Patient Q&A with Olesia

Why do you want to share your story?

I would like to share my story in order to give a hope to others! It is never too late to start this journey. And there is no reason to give up for those who has unsuccessful tries! Never!

What led you to Fertility Centers of Illinois and why did you trust us?

 I did internet search and read the reviews. Then my husband and I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Kaplan. He just told us the truth and chances to success. No lie - just truth.

What was the infertility diagnosis?

Unexplained Infertility

What Fertility Centers of Illinois physician(s) treated you?

Dr. Brian R. Kaplan

How would you describe your experience with your physician(s)?

Best doctor ever! Not only because of his professionalism as a doctor. He has a great personality.

What infertility treatment(s) did you undergo?

In 2018, I had 2 IUI (unsuccessful). In the beginning of 2019, we started preparation for IVF with Follistim and Menopur. In April 2019, I had egg retrieval procedure.. Frozen transfer was performed June 26th, 2019. Baby was born exactly at due date March 13th, 2020!

What helped you through treatment physically and/or emotionally?

I did not have any physical and/or emotional problems. I've just enjoyed the process and I did not think about outcome.

Do you have any words of wisdom for others?

Never give up!

Tell us about your little miracle!

My pregnancy was ideally perfect! No any signs all 9 months (just bump, i started showing about 24 weeks). I gained 18 pounds only and my baby was born 8.5 lbs weight and 21.25 in length. He arrived exactly at due date, 3/13/2020 (that was Friday 13th!) Absolutely healthy boy, named Harvey Ryan Gaziev! He is absolutely perfect! Funny thing is that he wakes up at night only once exactly at 2:00 AM, when I woke up for pee during pregnancy :)