Overcoming PCOS & Miscarriage to be a Mother of Two

Why do you want to share your story?

I want to share my story because I know there are other people out there like me who watch their friends and family get pregnant at the drop of a dime and I know what it feels like when you can’t. I know what it’s like to have lost more babies than I have alive. And I know what it feels like to finally get pregnant after all the hoping, praying and working, but I miscarried. No one knew what to say or how to support me and I went to a very dark place for a while, but FCI changed all of that. They were able to help me have two beautiful babies, which I am eternally grateful for.

What was your infertility diagnosis?

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which makes it difficult to get pregnant to begin with. With Clomid, I was able to get pregnant, but I miscarried both times. That’s when I turned to FCI and learned that I had a clotting factor as well as a folic acid resistance and low progesterone.

What fertility treatment did you undergo?

With my first successful pregnancy, I did one round of IUI with Clomid and that worked! With my second successful pregnancy, we did two failed rounds of IUI until we figured out the Clomid was making my lining too thin. So we cut the Clomid dosage in half, used an injectable for two days, and that did the trick!

What helped you get through treatment?

I can honestly say it was my doctor’s confidence that helped us get through treatment. He knew he could help and it helped us to stay positive and focused.

Can you tell us about your little miracles?

My daughter Brooke will be 4 this year. She is beautiful, outgoing, smart, and has the vocabulary of a 16 year old. She loves dancing, art, crafts, singing, and unicorns. She is sassy, independent, and my best friend. My son Brian is about to turn 2. He is so handsome, shy, smart, and knows what he wants. He loves cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, sports, technology, and his momma. He is loving, kind, and brave. They both know how much they are loved, appreciated, wanted, and that they are our angels. My husband and I are so grateful to have them in our lives.

Why did you trust Fertility Centers of Illinois?

Once we knew we were losing our second pregnancy, I began researching fertility doctors and found Dr. Laurence Jacobs. His background and success rates are what drew me to him and my instincts were correct.

What words of hope do you have for others?

Hang in there. I know how difficult the journey can be, but getting to the destination makes it all worthwhile.