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Worth Every Shot

Patient Q&A with Ashley

Why do you want to share your story?

Infertility through COVID-19 and the flood at River North Clinic.

What led you to Fertility Centers of Illinois and why did you trust us?

My OBGYN recommended FCI and one of my close friends was going there at the same time and had nothing but positive reviews.

What was the infertility diagnosis?

Unexplained Infertility

Which Fertility Centers of Illinois physician(s) treated you?

Dr. Elie L. Hobeika

How would you describe your experience with your physician(s)?

Dr. Hobeika was compassionate and had an amazing bedside manner. We were nervous about the infertility process and had already gone through a couple of rounds of IUI before we started with Dr. Hobeika. Once we were under Dr. Hobeika’s care our infertility journey changed for the better. It was a very positive journey even through Covid cancellations. The way he explained each procedure thoroughly and explained the chances, risks, etc. took all anxiety of infertility we had away.

Once we knew IUI’s weren’t working, he took the time to explain the process of IVF to both my husband and me. It was helpful to know what to expect and felt like his explanation allowed us a greater understanding of the journey we were about to embark on. When Covid cancellations happened I was emotional and felt like our dreams of a family were on pause. Dr. Hobeika during the video call kept the positivity and gave us a plan for once the restrictions were lifted. It helped give us a light at the end of the tunnel.

Once the restrictions were lifted, we began the journey of IVF and Dr. Hobeika exceeded all expectations we had of a doctor. He knew the things I was anxious about and would check in to make sure everything was going okay throughout the process. During the week of our retrieval, the River North office flooded due to a storm and Dr. Hobeika was originally scheduled for my retrieval but with the changes, things changed on the shifts. Dr. Hobeika still came in to do my retrieval that morning and helped relieve all anxieties my husband and I had (especially since my husband could not be there due to Covid restrictions).

Our transfer fell on Memorial Day and Dr. Hobeika still called during that weekend to give us updates on our embryos. Dr. Hobeika is the definition of amazing bedside manner and we have recommended him to family and friends experiencing infertility. We are forever grateful not only through infertility but Covid and the River North flooding he made our dreams of a family come true.

What infertility treatment(s) did you undergo?

Couple rounds of IUI with Letrozole, couple rounds of IUI with Clomid, and one IVF cycle. 

What helped you through treatment physically and/or emotionally?

Talking with others who were also going through infertility and being able to share the experiences of what we were going through. I also followed different Infertility groups on Facebook and Instagram. I also followed an infertility diet from Ovulife.

Do you have any words of wisdom for others?

As hard as it is in the beginning, weather the storm and the rainbow at the end of the journey is so worth it.

Tell us about your little miracle!

Our little miracle baby boy just arrived!