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Together We Begin Again: Pregnancy Loss Support Group

No one should experience grief alone

Saturday Mar 25th, 2023 | 10-11am | Join >

This support group is open to couples/individuals who have experienced miscarriage or perinatal loss, who are current Fertility Centers of Illinois patients or are considering fertility care, due to their loss history. No one should experience grief alone.

While the progression of time may help some of the symptoms of grief and loss, having opportunities to share with others and receive support lessens isolation and provides additional healing and assistance. It may help to talk with trusted family members and friends about the symptoms of grief and loss and strategize ways to manage, yet many times talking with others who have experienced similar types of loss can be beneficial and validating.

Susan Rizzato, MSW, LCSW has extensive experience as a perinatal loss program coordinator and has facilitated a long-standing support group for patients, couples, and families experiencing perinatal loss.

Space is limited, please register early. If you have any questions or concerns on the day of the event, please call 312-222-8230 and reference the Pregnancy Loss Support Group.


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