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Gestational carriers provide an invaluable service for those who dream of becoming parents but face challenges doing so biologically. Being a gestational carrier is a profoundly altruistic and deeply personal journey.

In this episode of Time to Talk Fertility, we explore the extraordinary journey of parenthood through the eyes of Alyssa, a gestational carrier who has generously assisted patients of Fertility Centers of Illinois in achieving their dreams of building a family. Dive into the deep emotional connections formed, the intricate medical procedures navigated, and the legal frameworks that protect all parties involved. Whether you’re exploring fertility options, seeking understanding, or simply captivated by human connection and science working hand in hand, you won’t want to miss this episode!

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background before becoming a surrogate?
  • What motivated you to become a surrogate?
  • Can you walk us through the process you went through to become a surrogate?
  • Were there any criteria you had to meet before you were considered to be a surrogate?
  • How were you matched with the intended parents? Was it a long process?
  • What was your relationship like with the intended parents?
  • Were there any specific requirements or requests from the intended parents that you needed to fulfill?
  • How did you manage the physical aspects and medical interventions involved in surrogacy?
  • Can you share how you felt during key moments of the journey, such as embryo transfer and finding out you were pregnant?
  • What were some of the biggest misconceptions you encountered about surrogacy?
  • What were the most rewarding and challenging parts of being a surrogate?
  • Looking back, is there anything you wish you had known before becoming a surrogate?
  • What is the one piece of advice you would give someone considering surrogacy?

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