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Embryology and Making Miracles

The embryology team plays a critical role at Fertility Centers of Illinois. Though you may not have a lot of face time with the embryology team, they are working hard in the lab to help you grow your family now or in the future.

Juergen Liebermann, PhD, HCLD, Director of Laboratories at Fertility Centers of Illinois joins the Time to Talk Fertility Podcast to discuss embryology and how his team supports you on your fertility journey.

The Time to Talk Fertility podcast discusses:

  • What does an embryologist do and why this role is extremely important to a fertility clinic?
  • Can you tell us about your team and what sets FCI from other laboratories?
  • How does FCI freeze and thaw embryos? Does the method of thawing impact success rates?
  • How many eggs does FCI freeze each year?
  • What role does an embryologist play during an IVF procedure?   
  • What is ICSI?
  • What happens after fertilization in the early stages of the embryo?
  • What is a blastocyst and why is it important to the IVF process?
  • What is the difference between a day 3 and day 5 blastocyst?
  • How does the lab grade embryos, and what is the grading criteria?
  • What is genetic testing of embryos and how is it performed?
  • Can an embryo be damaged during genetic testing?
  • What new advances do you see in the future?
  • Is there anything you would like to add?

The Time to Talk Fertility podcast releases new episodes monthly and is available on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadioStitcherTune InGoogle Play and Spotify.

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