How to Take a Pregnancy Test, Step-by-Step

Have you ever wondered if you were taking a pregnancy test correctly? It’s only natural when waiting for two pink lines to appear on day 14 to also wonder: “Did I do it right?”

At the end of the day, it all comes down to peeing on a stick the right way and at the right time. This piece offers helpful info to ensure your pregnancy test is as accurate as possible.

Dr. Rodgers joins Momtastic to discuss the following:

  1. How do pregnancy tests work?
  2. When should I take a pregnancy test?
  3. How do I take a pregnancy test the right way?

How to Take a Pregnancy Test the Right Way, Step-by-Step

When my husband and I were trying to conceive, waiting to use a home pregnancy test was like being locked in a roomful of chocolate truffles after swearing off chocolate. At lunchtime. It was nearly impossible to resist taking the test as soon as I brought it home from the drugstore. But, there’s a process to getting accurate results. Continue Reading >>