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Imagine a future where more affordable access to fertility preservation care transforms the landscape of family planning. A future where these essential services are within reach, enabling anyone who dreams of holding their child in their arms to take proactive steps toward making that dream a reality. In this episode of the Time to Talk Fertility podcast, we have the incredible opportunity to talk with Senator Natalie Toro, a visionary who is at the forefront of a crucial movement, fighting for a future where fertility preservation services are within reach for more families.

Senator Toro will share insights on the legislative journey, the challenges ahead, and the impact this legislation could have on countless lives across Illinois. It’s more than a discussion—it’s a beacon of hope for many struggling on their fertility journey. This special episode of the Time to Talk Fertility Podcast will air on Tuesday, April 23 and will be available anytime on demand.

  • Senator Toro, what inspired you to get into politics?
  • How has your background as an educator shaped your approach to policymaking and governance?
  • Why are you proud to be a part of the Chicago community?
  • What advice would you tell your younger self about family building?
  • Could you please explain to our listeners what Senate Bill 2623 is, and more importantly, what its purpose is in the context of fertility and reproductive healthcare?
  • What inspired you to advocate for fertility preservation and introduce this groundbreaking bill for fertility preservation coverage?
  • How does your bill propose to address and alleviate these financial barriers for those seeking fertility preservation services?
  • Could you elaborate on what the term standard fertility preservation entails under this bill, and how it differs from the current services covered by insurers?
  • There’s an emphasis in your bill on covering follow-up services. Can you explain why follow-up care is crucial in the context of fertility preservation and how your bill aims to support patients through this process?
  • Your bill does not limit coverage to those diagnosed with infertility. Can you discuss the importance of making fertility preservation accessible to all individuals, regardless of their current fertility status?
  • Given the diverse family planning needs within the LGBTQIA+ community, can you discuss how your bill for insurance companies to cover fertility preservation could uniquely benefit LGBTQ+ individuals and couples who are seeking to start families?
  • What roadblocks do you foresee in passing this bill and what actions need to be taken to overcome these challenges?
  • Lastly, for our listeners who are eager to support this bill or learn more about it, what actions can they take to advocate for its passage, and where can they find more information?

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