Planning To Have Children After 35? What You Need To Know

Whether you plan to delay children or find yourself ready to start a family at 35 or older, there is helpful information that can help you navigate this exciting new chapter in your life.

In an article she penned for Mind Body Green, Dr. Allison Rodgers shares the main information women should know if they plan to delay pregnancy. As someone who has experienced infertility personally, she knows what it is like to go through the process emotionally and physically, and has also seen countless other women achieve the family they hoped for after an infertility diagnosis.

A main point she makes in her piece:

[pull_quote layout="0" quote="Age 35 is not a magic line drawn in the sand. There isn't a uniform age at which everyone has trouble—for some women it's earlier; for others it's later."]

Dr. Rodgers also explores five main topics about delaying pregnancy, and what you can do if you plan to start trying now or in the future:

  1. Pregnancy becomes more difficult after 35—but it's not impossible.
  2. It's not just the age of your eggs that matters.
  3. There's a higher risk of pregnancy complications and genetic issues.
  4. A fertility checkup can help you plan for pregnancy.
  5. You have options.

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