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Podcast: 20 Fertility Myths - True or False?

On the Time to Talk Fertility Podcast by Fertility Centers of Illinois, we discuss the common, strange, and curious myths that can confuse couples who are trying to conceive.

When it comes to trying for a baby, whether you want advice or not, people everywhere are all too happy to give you their recommendations. And more than likely, they will be insistent that you heed their advice, or else. On top of that, you are likely thinking of questions you hadn’t thought of before, and suddenly having a baby can go from exciting to downright confusing. 

We’d like to save you the mental anguish and online research! Let’s fast forward to the part you really care about: having a baby. Throw those nagging doubts and questions out the window and embrace growing your family with confidence and knowledge. 

After thoughtful consideration of the many myths our physician team hears, we are setting the record straight on the 20 listed below. Join us as Dr. Meike Uhler separates fact from fiction by sharing her medical insight, helping to empower you on the journey to parenthood.

The Time to Talk Fertility: 20 Fertility Myths - True or False? episode discusses myths such as:

  • If I don’t have a regular period, I have infertility.
  • I was on the pill too long, it messed up my fertility.
  • I can’t have a baby after 40.
  • Hot tubs hurt male fertility.
  • Special underwear that keep testicles cool can help with fertility.
  • A woman who is older but in very good health will have healthier eggs longer.
  • Smoking doesn’t affect egg and sperm health.
  • If you want to get pregnant, you need to have sex every day.
  • Women are diagnosed with infertility more often than men.
  • Too much exercise can hurt fertility in women.
  • Changing your diet can help with boosting fertility.
  • Extra weight hurts fertility in men and women.
  • If a woman has gotten pregnant before, she won’t have any issues in the future.
  • Laying down after sex or embryo transfer improves chances of conception.
  • Certain sexual positions help with getting pregnant.
  • Using a lubricant during sex can hurt chances of conception.
  • If a woman is starting menopause, she can’t have a baby.
  • Age doesn’t affect male fertility.
  • Supplements can help men with sperm issues.
  • Prescription medication can’t impact fertility.

The Time to Talk Fertility Podcast releases new episodes monthly and is available on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Tune In, Google Play and Spotify.

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