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Podcast: The Pineapple: How One Fruit Unites Millions with Infertility

If you’re trying to conceive and have experienced challenges along the way, you may have learned about the pineapple tribe. As the lovingly crowned icon of infertility, the pineapple has wordlessly united millions on their journey to parenthood. 

Pineapples are now synonymous with infertility, and the symbol has allowed people to recognize they are not alone and form a community with others. But where did this symbol come from? And how has it changed the infertility community forever?

Join Dr. Allison Rodgers as she explains the history of the pineapple symbol, the meaning behind it, how it has helped patients, and whether eating pineapple can actually boost fertility. She will also discuss the importance of community for those with infertility and share free support resources.

The Pineapple: How One Fruit Unites Millions with Infertility episode discusses questions such as:

  • When did pineapples become a symbol in the infertility community?
  • How did the pineapple become the infertility symbol?
  • Why has the pineapple been such a perfect fit?
  • Can eating pineapple boost fertility?
  • Does eating pineapple help embryo implantation to the uterine wall?
  • Have patients shared any pineapple-related rituals with you?
  • What kinds of pineapple-themed items have you seen with patients?
  • How many of your patients have embraced the pineapple?
  • Do you have any pineapple socks or necklaces of your own?
  • How has the pineapple created community?
  • Do you think the pineapple has increased awareness and reduced stigma?
  • You asked your patients what the pineapple means to them - what did they say?
  • Can you tell us more about your support groups and how to get involved?
  • Can you share words of hope with our listeners?

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