Reducing the Risk of Multiples

Dr. Rodgers joins the Beat Infertility podcast to discuss all aspects of reducing the risk of multiples during fertility treatment. As someone who has experienced a multiples pregnancy and the subsequent loss of one twin during pregnancy, she provides unique medical insight from both sides of the table.

The safest, healthiest route to parenthood is to pursue fertility treatment with the goal of becoming a parent one child at a time. The human body does best when carrying one baby at a time, and even with this knowledge in mind, approximately 10% of those carrying a single pregnancy deliver early. This number increases to 50% for twins and 92% for triplets.

With the stress of treatment, it is only natural to feel that placing one embryo back during a cycle is decreasing potential chances for success. While the desire to complete treatment as quickly as possible is more than understandable, this podcast explores why this action can hurt your chances of a successful pregnancy and extend treatment.

With Beat Infertility host Heather Huhman, Dr. Rodgers explores the full gamut of everything a patient should know about reducing the risk of multiples during fertility treatment:

  1. Why is reducing the risk of multiples so important?
    How can patients evaluate a fertility center and its staff to ensure this risk is reduced?
  2. Why are multiples more common with IUIs and medicated timed intercourse cycles, and less common in IVF?
  3. How can the risk of multiples be reduced during medicated timed intercourse cycles?
  4. How can the risk of multiples be reduced during an IUI cycle?
  5. How can the risk of multiples be reduced during an IVF cycle?
  6. With insurance coverage and the cost of treatment, it’s common for patients to want to “go big or go home” with fertility treatment. Can you offer words of hope to help patients looking to achieve success with as few tries as possible?

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