Words of Hope and Strength

Infertility treatment is hard and everyone needs a supportive team behind them. As they say, it takes a village. To bring hope, strength and support to you on your journey, we asked the Fertility Centers of Illinois Team to share their thoughts around what they have seen, experienced, and felt in both their professional and personal lives. We hope their messages bring you hope, light, and happiness.

You’re not alone – we’ve experienced infertility too!

Fertility treatment is so hard! I've been there. Try to remain positive and know that fertility treatments are successful more now than ever. Fertility treatment can feel like a roller coaster: feeling excited during treatment, nervous during the two week wait, then sadness after a negative test. Remember you are stronger than you can imagine and you will be a parent. Remember to lean on those around you for support.

Those who you feel comfortable talking to: your partner, family, friends. Online support groups can be a nice source of support. Remember that you have control: in this situation where it feels like you have no control, remember that your treatment choices are yours. What you do and when you do it or when you stop is completely under your control. Remember there is so much hope! - Dr. Allison K. Rodgers

Many years ago, I was a downcast fertility patient. I was very lucky to have success and became the parent of two children. For the past 20 years I have worked in counseling fertility patients. It is hard to maintain hope and a positive attitude in the middle of the fertility journey and sometimes you just can't. It's ok. You are doing the best you can. Please don't lose sight of the bigger picture of your life, the one in which you are not defined by infertility and where you can allow yourself to see all the other parts of your life, some of which are going really well. 

I enjoy getting to interact with patients on a daily basis. I've listened to patients cry in fear that they'll never be pregnant. When it happens, I enjoy giving them words of hope from my experience. I was a patient at FCI and I had the same fears. Fortunately, I was successful and my hope is that patients can relate and be encouraged! - Jennifer Santiago, Warrenville

I've experienced the pain and frustration of being an "infertile grandfather," my children were unable to conceive on their own and all their friends had, putting me and my wife outside the grandparents' club and being excluded from social events aimed at grandchildren. I took over management of their care and thanks to the help of the Highland Park and River North staff and technology of FCI, I now have three beautiful grandbabies! - Dr. Edward Marut

You are supported and have a team with you each step of the way.

I like to remind patients, when they're feeling down, that they have their own personal "cheerleading squad" in all of us at FCI. I hope it makes them feel a little bit better to be reminded that they have someone on their side rooting for them, that they matter, that their problems matter, and that they are not alone in this fight! - Erica Arredondo, Chicago/River North

The journey is difficult, but the rewards oh so sweet. Some get lucky quickly. Many have their patience and perseverance tested. We're fighting side-by-side with you to overcome the fertility battle. - Dr. Christopher Sipe

"Things happen when you least expect it." Be it success with the last embryo in storage, or conception after ordering IVF meds, or a positive test while waiting for an adoption match, all are examples of life having a way of working out. Infertility is truly a journey with many endings. - Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron

I was introduced to a young lady who had been struggling with infertility through a mutual friend. After several tries and exhausting all of her insurance benefits, she was beside herself - feeling broken - and asking the "why me?" question. She didn't have the money to pay for treatment. I convinced her to make an appointment with one of our physicians. If nothing else, maybe speaking with one of our knowledgeable physicians would give her closure. She made an appointment and was on the verge of tears she was so happy with the compassionate care she received. The best news: in reviewing her insurance benefits, FCI found that she had $20,000 of coverage left. - Torria Driver, Chicago/River North

You aren't alone. The FCI team is incredibly invested in going through your journey to parenthood with you, through the good times and the struggles. We share in the tears and fears. And hopefully by the end we can share in the tears of joy!  -Amber, Lindenhurst

I can attest to the great things that happen at FCI. Failed cycles turn into bundles of joy, and tears of happiness flow through the entire office. Always have a positive spirit - there are difficult times that occur, but the love your partner and soon-to-be child will get you through. Your FCI family is here for you and will go the extra mile.  -Terdarin, Lindenhurst

We're all in this together. -Brittany Chionis, Glenview

You are not alone. Just remember we are all here for you and there is always a way to help make your dreams come true. - Josephine Vasquez, Glenview

You are so much stronger than you realize.

Be strong; you never know who you are inspiring.  -Kristin Flynn, Glenview

We are with you during your journey. We smile, laugh, cry, hug, and encourage. We're sincere in caring for our patients and the hurdles you face. One step at a time, and then the next and next and next. I envy your strength and determination.  -Lynn Allen, Oakbrook Terrace

Some journeys are longer than others, but still very much worth taking.  -Agnes Fuglewicz, Oakbrook Terrace

Stay positive. Keep the Faith. Continue to move forward.  -Susan Lewis, Lindenhurst