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International Patients

We're here, near and far

Fertility Centers of Illinois is recognized both nationally and worldwide, providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced treatment options available for over 30 years. Our services include: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Egg and Embryo Vitrification, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostics, and Third-Party Reproduction, including Egg Donation and Surrogacy.

Our goal is to make your journey through the fertility treatment process as comfortable as possible. We take pride in offering our patients not only the best medical care possible, but many other unique support services such as patient support groups, holistic care for fertility, and innovative financial options that can help you navigate confidently through this very important time in your life.

Services for International Patients

For people traveling to the U.S. for treatments, we will be with you every step of the way, providing you with expert guidance, individualized care, warmth, and understanding as you navigate the complicated but exciting journey of becoming a parent. Our specialists are happy to help you:

  • Explore opportunities for egg donation and gestational surrogacy
  • Coordinate diagnostic and medical IVF procedures between your local fertility center and Fertility Centers of Illinois
  • Organize the timing, coordination, and facilitation of your treatment cycle
  • Understand the legal matters involved in the United States
  • Overcome the differences in healthcare systems to help you minimize financial risk
  • Implement preparation for immigration, passport, birth certificate acquisition, social security relinquishment, and/or dual citizenship
  • Coordinate your travel and accommodation arrangements to Chicago

How the Process Works

Step 1: During a free initial consult, which can be conducted in person, via Skype or by phone, your physician will discuss agency options along with your treatment plan. Your coordinator will then contact you to begin reviewing your treatment plan and coordinate medical details with you.

Our Concierge Service will review the process with you and can assist in your appointment and travel details, plus put you in touch with financial consultants who can discuss the cost of your treatment.

Step 2: We will help you schedule your first visit to Chicago, an appointment that will include a physical exam, a saline sonogram, a nurse consultation, signing consent paperwork, and dropping off sperm for cryopreservation (freezing). You will also have access to our team of warm, friendly, and experienced counselors and/or psychologists.

Step 3: We’ll then help you schedule your second visit to Chicago, for your egg retrieval and/or your embryo transfer. This will be followed by a pregnancy test two weeks later — and hopefully, nine months later, by a baby.


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There are a variety of financial options for self-pay patients including loans and payment programs.