Secondary Infertility: A Sibling Birthday Wish

Why do you want to share your story?

Anything to help other parents feel like there are other people out there that have similar problems with conceiving. It helps you feel less alone with the process.

What was your infertility diagnosis?

Well, from first starting trying to conceive till we finally received a BFP (big fat positive) it has been a very long three and a half years. My first child, a boy, was conceived after exactly one year of trying. Trying for the second was not so easy. After a year of trying again I visited my OB to discuss my options. She started me on Clomid. Three rounds with no luck, then I was referred to a fertility specialist. Dr. Sipe was the second specialist I visited for a consultation. He ordered every test possible. And low and behold he found a polyp in my uterus that would definitely make it almost impossible for a little embryo to stick. So into surgery I went to have it removed.

What fertility treatment did you undergo?

After surgery, then started my attempts with IUI. After three tries and no success, on to IVF, here we come. I did one fresh round and ended up with 7 good embryos. After 3 implant tries and no success yet, me and my husband decided that we would try one more time, as our funds were almost completely depleted by this point. Our plan was to move on from IVF and build our savings back up so we could adopt. I was expecting another call saying “sorry to give you more bad news” again. But not this time! I couldn’t even respond after hearing the news. The nurse thought I had hung up. I just couldn’t talk while crying. And yesterday we had our final appointment with the fertility center and got to see the heartbeat of my wonderful little baby.

What helped you get through treatment?

Knowing that all the painful shots and my crazy hormones were,  hopefully, going to result with me finally getting pregnant.

Can you tell us about your little miracle?

I am looking forward to the day we can surprise my son with the news that he is going to be a big brother. We will be telling him on Valentine’s Day 2018 when I will be 16 weeks and two days. We can’t wait! He has been asking for a sibling for the past 2 years. And recently stated to me that he wants a sister for his 5th birthday. My due date is one day before his birthday. So, my little guy could possibly get exactly what he had been asking for.

Why did you trust Fertility Centers of Illinois?

Dr. Sipe and all the nurses and staff at Fertility Centers of Illinois have always been there to answer any questions I’ve had and never made me feel like I was a inconvenience. I would definitely recommend them to anyone having trouble growing their family.

Which physician treated you and what were your experiences with him/her?

Dr. Sipe – from the moment we met him I knew that he was going to get me pregnant.

What advice do you have for others?

Talk to family and friends who have went through infertility treatment. It will give you strength to keep going and think positive through this hard time.