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A woman’s most prized ovarian possessions: eggs. Some women have fantastic egg health into their later childbearing years, while others experience diminished ovarian reserve at a younger age. How is a woman to know what her situation will be?

Individual egg quality often goes unknown until trying to conceive and experiencing difficulty achieving pregnancy. Adding to the pile, women are often not armed with the knowledge to understand the details of an egg lifecycle, when an age-related decline occurs, what tests are used to diagnose egg quality, and what additional options are available to have a baby.

In this podcast with Beat Infertility, Dr. Allison Rodgers explores all of the questions below:

  1. Can you explain the lifecycle of an egg, starting with 90 days before ovulation?
  2. When does egg quality begin to decline due to age and what are the signs this is happening?
  3. How can blood flow and hormonal balance be optimized for maximum egg quality?
  4. Can you talk about Day 3 FSH and the Estradiol Test, two tests that provide insight to egg quality?
  5. Another test is known as a Clomid Challenge. What does that involve?
  6. Another test looks at your AMH level. How is this test done, what is it looking at exactly, and what is considered normal?
  7. The final test is an antral follicle count. What is this, how is it done, and what is considered normal?
  8. If you are diagnosed as having poor egg quality, what should your next steps be?
  9. Is there any new research being done in the area of egg quality? Are there any new tests or procedures being developed?

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Medical contribution by Allison K. Rodgers, M.D.

Dr. Rodgers’ approach to care has been influenced by her own infertility and pregnancy loss. She has published many original research articles in top medical journals. She also writes for her blog, Destination: Parenthood, on many fertility related subjects.

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