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How are you feeling? We are several months into a global pandemic and while we are all navigating similar restrictions, how we are feeling can be very different.

We can’t compare the pandemic to anything else, it’s wholly unprecedented in modern times. But with several months under our belt, we can take stock of how it is affecting our psychological and emotional health. And it can never hurt to add more coping and stress relief techniques to your toolbox. 

Join Dr. Tiffany Edwards as she dives into the psychological and emotional impacts of the pandemic. From sharing the latest medical research with fertility patients to discussing coping techniques, what lies ahead, and words of hope, she will offer a road map to staying positive during the pandemic.

The Time to Talk Fertility podcast: The Psychological and Emotional Impact of the Pandemic episode discusses questions such as:

  • Now that we are several months into the pandemic, how are people doing?
  • For those experiencing infertility, how are they doing?
  • Can you tell us about new research assessing the emotional impact of the pandemic on patients?
  • You speak with patients all the time. What concerns and worries are they expressing?
  • In stressful times such as these, what problems tend to arise more?
  • What are some “signs” that partners can watch out for so they can help each other?
  • The response to the pandemic is different from person to person. How can couples navigate this? 
  • Do you have any recommendations for a simple strategy that patients can use to manage or cope with stress? 
  • What is the 5-4-3-2-1 coping technique?
  • Can you explain the Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique?
  • What are the three R’s for life you recommend following?
  • I know you have a few monthly virtual support groups. Can you tell us about them?
  • What are some activities that can help?
  • What do you recommend staying away from? 
  • The holidays are ahead, which are usually a joyous time. Do you think they will provide a bit of a distraction from everything or be another source of stress?
  • Let’s flip this on its head – what are some unexpected benefits of these times? 
  • Looking forward, do you think stress problems will improve as time goes on?
  • For those who are having a hard time, at what point do you recommend seeking help?
  • How would listeners book an appointment with you or learn more about the support groups?
  • Can you share some words of hope with our listeners?

The Time to Talk Fertility podcast releases new episodes monthly and is available on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadioStitcherTune InGoogle Play and Spotify.

Dr. Tiffany Edwards is a licensed clinical psychologist and patient educator specializing in counseling couples and individuals during treatment as well as egg donors and surrogates for those pursuing third party reproduction. In her career, she has worked with patients to address a variety of psychological and health-related issues such as anxiety, depression, cancer survivorship, women’s health issues, stress management, and more. 

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