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Embryo Donation

Helping people become parents

Embryo donation is a relatively new way to build a family and has helped many people become parents. If you’re hoping to become a parent, you can opt to receive embryos donated by another family who wants to help other prospective parents realize their dreams.

The Embryo Donation Process

If you’re a family that was finally able to conceive through IVF, what will happen to your remaining frozen embryos? Many people consider donating their unused embryos to another infertile couple.

It can be an emotionally complex decision for a person or couple to make, but it does help many people to consider that donating unused embryos shares the blessing of children with others who can provide a loving, stable environment. At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we provide guidance, counseling, and expert advice that may help you decide what’s right for your family.

Options for Donating and Receiving Embryos

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has established specific practice guidelines for embryo donation. If you decide to donate your embryos, you will have input in the recipient selection process, and may even decide which family will be privileged to adopt your embryos. You may also decide to what degree of contact, if any, you wish to have with the adopting family.

Not all frozen embryos are eligible for donation, so it is very important for a family exploring donating embryos to check with their medical practice to see if their embryos would be accepted for donation.

Legal Considerations

Any embryo donation, including between family members, requires guidance from skilled legal experts who are experienced in this topic. Our team is  happy to connect you with reproductive law attorneys in the Chicago area who can provide more information and help guide you navigate this important journey.


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