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9 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Freeze Your Eggs

As the saying goes, there’s no time like the present.

We are over a year into the pandemic and while there is much to be hopeful for, it’s going to be quite some time before we experience normalcy.

The “Covid baby boom” has really been more of a bust. But not for everyone.

For some who were already trying to have a family, they are moving full steam ahead, especially if they were considering fertility treatment when the pandemic hit. Others are holding off until life is more steady and financial stresses have abated. And for those waiting to have a baby until they find a partner, the pandemic has created a delay for the foreseeable future.

Wherever you fall on the family planning scale, it’s important to remember that you have more control than you think you do. 

There are many women pursuing egg freezing, essentially putting their future fertility on ice. Believe it or not, now is actually the perfect time to freeze your eggs. After considering the process and talking to our patients, we’ve put together the top reasons why:

  1. More privacy than you ever imagined. We are all spending a lot of time at home, which means that you have a lot of privacy to go through the egg freezing process. No need to duck into the work bathroom to administer injections and your co-workers won’t see you leave the office to go to an ultrasound monitoring appointment.
  2. A very predictable schedule. It’s safe to say our social calendars have never been more empty, which offers unprecedented flexibility to schedule the necessary appointments and take all of the personal time you need.
  3. Travel plans are nonexistent. Finding a month to stay in one place was hard before the pandemic, but now, it’s the norm. You can sail through the process without worrying about a wedding, music festival or girl’s weekend to consider. Those travel funds have also gone unused, which means you may have extra savings as well.
  4. You are living your comfiest life. Have you ever worn sweatpants more? We are all staying comfortable while working from home (or spending more time at home, should your job require you to be in person). Those sweatpants come in handy when you experience (minor) bloating from ovarian stimulation medications.
  5. It takes less than one month, and we have many months ahead. After your consultation, you’ll be placed on ovarian stimulation medication administered via injection with a tiny needle for 8-14 days. During that time, you’ll be monitored via ultrasound every day or every other day. Once stimulated follicles have developed into mature eggs, which usually occurs after two weeks, you will undergo an egg retrieval, which takes 15-30 minutes.
  6. The time to pursue additional cycles is possible. Many women choose to do more than one egg freezing cycle so they are able to freeze more eggs (and increase their future chances of success). How many eggs you’ll retrieve varies widely based on multiple factors such as age, egg supply, medication response and more. Generally, we recommend freezing 10-15 eggs for each planned pregnancy attempt for women less than 35 years of age. Keep in mind that these numbers will vary based upon individual evaluation and will increase with age.
  7. If you have the insurance benefits, use them before they’re gone. For those lucky enough to have egg freezing covered through their company healthcare plan, know that future coverage is not guaranteed. If your organization is choosing between cutbacks and layoffs, the odds are that the costly benefit of egg freezing may go away.
  8. Taking control keeps the Covid anxiety monster at bay. The psychological toll of the pandemic can be draining, and worrying about a life goal of family only adds to the pressure. Many women have told us that freezing their eggs took that worry away, and made them feel empowered and free to pursue whatever lies ahead. Achieving peace of mind is a powerful and liberating place to be.
  9. You can learn more without leaving your home. With telehealth appointments available, learning more about the process has never been easier. To book a consultation, call 877-324-4483 or book online.

Do you have more questions about egg freezing? Learn more here: 10 Common Questions About Egg Freezing

Stay safe and be well!

-Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron, Director of Fertility Preservation