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Honoring Those With Infertility On Mother's Day

When you’re still trying for a baby or going through fertility treatment, Mother’s Day is a painful holiday. 

It’s normal to feel an overwhelming mix of emotions that can threaten to pull you under. On this day of all days, you can feel farther from reaching your goal.

But be reassured, we have seen thousands of women endure Mother’s Day only to be celebrating pregnancy and motherhood the next year. 

We’d like to take a moment to honor those who are on the path to motherhood, wherever you are on your journey. We believe in you, we acknowledge you, and we celebrate everything you’ve accomplished. We know you’ll be a wonderful mother to your future children.

"Please remember this Mother’s Day that we see you. Mother’s Day has and should have space for those trying so intently to be mothers, honoring those mothers of losses, honoring those taking action to proactively freeze eggs to be mothers in the future, honoring those mothers from infertility treatment that was successful and those in which it was not."

-Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron


"MOTHERHOOD is worth fighting for… To all those struggling to get there, we see you, we feel you, we're there for you!"

-Dr. Elie Hobeika


"Being a mother is the most rewarding gift and fulfilling adventure."

-Dr. Laurence Jacobs


"A woman does not need to deliver a baby or even use her own eggs to be a mother. It’s the love and care she gives the child afterward that makes her one."

-Dr. Edward Marut


"Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe in the one reason that it will. Be gentle with yourself and trust that parenthood is possible."

-Dr. John Rapisarda


"Keep taking one step closer to your baby. You will be a mother. One way or another!"

-Dr. Allison Rodgers 


"Although the goal of Fertility Centers of Illinois is to help any woman who wants to be a Mother achieve that dream, we realize that’s not always easy. Any woman who is already a mother can tell you the hard work, sleepless nights, under appreciated efforts, emotional rollercoaster and expense associated with raising a child. Women confronted with infertility are faced with similar trials during their journey, but when they find success, they will be better prepared for the challenge of Motherhood.  

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and those soon to be."

-Dr. Christopher Sipe


We also asked women experiencing infertility: How do you survive Mother’s Day? 

"Try to eliminate expectations and schedule a little self-care."

"Pray to Mary."

"Celebrate the wonderful mom I have, although I ache in silence."

"Avoid social media."

"Just cry."

"I’m 8 weeks pregnant for the first time at 45. I still don’t feel that Mother’s Day is for me."

"Thinking of removing Instagram for the weekend! Being thankful for my mom."

"Take a break from social media."


"Focus on all the wonderful women in my life!"