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The Truth About Drinking Alcohol and TTC

To drink or not to drink?

It’s a question that comes to mind when you start conceiving. The truth is that a little wine can help set the mood when you’re trying to conceive, so it can be hard to cut it out completely.

Danish scientists studied the impact of alcohol on trying to conceive with 6,000 female subjects. Women who drank the equivalent of 52 ounces of wine per week (13 four-ounce glasses) had the same chance of pregnancy as those who didn’t drink at all. If women drank more, they were 18% less likely to get pregnant.

Should you go stock up on your favorite wine at Trader Joe’s? Not so fast - for some, alcohol can hinder hormone function, which can in turn hurt fertility potential. U.S. doctors advise limiting alcohol intake more when trying to conceive.

The best advice is to limit alcohol consumption to four drinks total per week. Learn the full details as to why and what you need to know in this new article.

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