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Financial Coordinating

At your assistance

We are here to support you throughout your path to parenthood, physically, emotionally, and financially. We understand that navigating through finances and insurance coverage can be complex, so we invite you to speak with one of our financial counselors who can help to make your treatments more affordable.

A Financial Team at Your Side

Our Financial Coordinators will help you understand the costs of each treatment upfront. As a courtesy we will consult with your insurance carrier to verify coverage. However, it is your responsibility to confirm with them the accuracy of your coverage.

We can then make our best estimation of any out-of-pocket costs. If needed, we will recommend other financial programs, packages, or discounts that you may be eligible to reduce your treatment expenses. Our team has many years of experience providing this kind of guidance and we are more than happy to put our expertise to work for you.

A Treatment Plan Designed for Your Needs

Your physician will design a treatment plan that will provide you with the best chance of achieving success and having a healthy baby. We can also provide you with the estimated costs that correspond to your customized plan, allowing you to prepare by exploring alternate insurance or financing plans.

We ask that you let your physician know if costs are a concern so that together you may focus on treatments that allow you to save costs where possible. We understand that seeking treatment can be a challenge on its own, so we are always committed to providing you with the best quality care while trying to help minimize out-of-pocket expenses.


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