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Financing Options

Covering costs when you're paying out-of-pocket

Our goal is to offer you caring expertise through every step of your journey — physically, emotionally and financially. Our financial coordinators will help you maximize your insurance coverage and explore payment programs and discounts that can lessen your total cost. Even so, for many of our patients, the remaining costs can pose a challenge. Financing all or part of your treatment costs with a loan can help relieve the financial strain and make your dream of having a baby attainable.


emBorrow is empowering women and couples to get the help they need when it comes to fertility. We offer our community members a superior experience – and fertility financing is just one of our many benefits.

emBorrow offers…

  • Affordable monthly plans and tailored services that can be set up as a subscription
    • Plans can include financing for egg freezing, IUI, IVF, donor eggs, surrogacy, and embryo testing

    • You can also add on holistic wellness services that include acupuncture, nutrition, fertility massage, yoga, and mental healthcare

  • Access to our partner fertility clinics and wellness centers
  • A community of women and couples that will share their own experiences to help guide you through your fertility journey
  • A user-friendly online application and member dashboard built to your specific needs
  • Fertility education and coaching throughout your entire process

emBorrow acknowledges the dilemmas, difficulties, and challenges that couples, and women, in particular, face when going through fertility treatment. Unlike traditional financial services, emBorrow has a singular focus on your unique needs as you seek to preserve your fertility or create a family.

Apply online or call them at 866-336-2796.


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Future Family is the smart way to pay for fertility treatments like IVF and egg freezing. We work with your clinic to combine all of your treatment costs into one easy monthly payment. A Future Family loan offers you competitive interest rates, exclusive medication discounts, as well as bill pay management, saving you time and money.

You can also invite a family member or friend to take out a loan on your behalf with our Friends & Family Plan. To learn more go to Future Family or get started by registering and prequalifying.


CapexMD specializes in patient financing services for all fertility treatment options. Through our partnership with CapexMD, we are able to offer customized loan programs with highly competitive rates that include a variety of loan types. Their simple loan process makes the experience of fertility financing relatively stress-free.

CapexMD loan programs cover all fertility treatment options — including fertility medications and genetic testing if necessary — so you can be sure that none of your expenses are left uncovered.
Our financial counselors will work closely with their Fertility Loan Specialists to ensure that your funds are secured on time and your treatment is not delayed.

Together, we can make sure financial issues do not get in the way of your dream of having a baby.

Some of CapexMD’s many advantages include...

  • Specialist in Fertility Financing
  • Competitive Rates
  • Pre-Approval within 24 Hours
  • Highest Confidentiality
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Personal Attention
  • Easy and Secure Online Application
  • Flexible Terms
  • No Annual Fees
  • Retain Your Existing Credit Sources

Apply online and receive your pre-approval within 24 hours. Learn more about CapexMD by visiting their site or by calling 888-497-8414.