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Sperm Donation

The process for intended parents

You Have Options

Thousands of babies are born using donor sperm every year. This is a commonly used, and successful option to pursue parenthood. Our experts work closely with you to make sure you’re comfortable and fully understand the process.

You may choose donor sperm through a licensed sperm bank or you can choose someone you know. All sperm donors go through extensive medical and psychological screenings. We work closely with several accredited sperm banks. Most of those will allow you to browse or search donors by physical characteristics, ethnicity, and educational background.

How to Choose a Donor: Anonymous or Known (or Open Donation)

Anonymous Donation
Your donor’s identity is kept completely confidential. However, information on your donor’s physical characteristics, ethnic and educational backgrounds, career history, and general health should be available. Many sperm banks provide written profiles as well. Your nurse can assist in recommending the right sperm bank for you.

Known Donor (or Open Donation)
Some people have a friend or relative that has offered to be their sperm donor. Each person is mutually interested in maintaining contact — possibly throughout the life of the child, or children. Everyone should consider and discuss their long-term expectations for all relationships involved.  Our staff behavioral health specialist will guide you through this part of your journey.

The Process

Your Center for Collaborative Reproduction coordinator will guide you through the sperm donation selection and treatment process. Our expert behavioral health specialists can offer guidance to help select the donor that is right for you.


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Learn more about the Food & Drug Administration requirements of pre-screening of donors.
Patients are encouraged to work with attorneys who have a background in reproductive law.
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There are a variety of financial options for self-pay patients including loans and payment programs.


If you’re in an international or LGBTQ Family, find out what services we can provide for your specific needs. You can also meet with our dedicated CCR Team who will be helping you along the way.